Three.js Essentials Book Review

08 Aug
Three.js Essentials Book Review

Have you ever wanted to create 3D animations on the web, here is the book for you.

Threejs Essentials

Threejs Essentials

The first few chapters explain the overview of setting up your environment and working on a Scene. Three.js is very powerful and can render output in WebGL, Canvas, or SVG format. Three.js is JavaScript powered you can be up and running in no time once you have included the Three.js library you can get from

Three.js Essentials Screen

For those not familiar with 3D a Scene, this is where all the objects you setup will be rendered to and a Camera Object will be used to represent where the viewer is in 3D space. The book goes over many 3D rendering concepts such as lighting,materials,and particle effects. Anyone familiar with these concepts from game development in 3D such as Unreal or Unity should have no trouble picking the concepts outlined in this book.

Three.js Screen 3

This eBook is a excellent reference on the Three.js library for anyone wanting to move from flash to html animation or work on browser enabled games.

You can check out this book here:

Three.js Essentials

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