Ultra Ping

Ultra Ping
Ultra Ping is the premier swiss army knife of network utilities for Windows.
This product been featured in PC Professionale’s cover mount CD in 2005.

Click here for PC Professionale’s article on Ultra Ping. (PDF format)
Ultra Ping Includes

Article in English:
“Ultra Ping monitors the computers of the own local net by means of the shipment of packages ping. The program, equipped of an interface much simple one, can send the ping to single hosts or range of IP addresses: that turns out particularly useful when which hosts of a net are wanted to be controlled. Beyond the ping, the program allows also to carry out traceroute and integral client a WHOIS. Ultra Ping is releasable in a test version that expires after 15 days, the recording costs 5 USA dollars; a free version of the program is also available, that it offers only the functionality of ping of single hosts.”

* Ping
* Ping Range
* Traceroute
* Nslookup

and more…

For more info on Ultra Ping click here for its website.


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