KDE 2.1

KDE speaking of the majority of Linux user should very be all familiar (K Desktop Enviroment, significance which K represents is Kool), it already was in fashion the many years in Unix and on the GNU/LINUX tabletop, except the minority several Linux Corporation (for example Red Hat, TurboLinux) outside, now the nearly all Linux set of edition all is does the tabletop environment by KDE which supposed in advance for them. Although GNOME and KDE continuously in Linux tabletop environment competition, but the majority of places all are mutually cooperate, in particular in the above various types popular application software, the very many users all is KDE and GNOME exchanges the use. Some analysts point out therefore KDE GNOME is comparatively welcome the reason lies in KDE and the Windows environment quite similar, but some people also because this reason criticizes KDE, but cannot be denied is many Windows user 移转 uses KDE to Linux uses above a easier seat of honor.

KDE 2.0 has published since October 23rd, 2000, continuously receives many broad users’ affections, very many people all impatient next edition appearance. KDE 2.1 officially promotes to February 26th, 2001, really does not lose the audiences looks, has many improvements and the stability aspect raises. Domestic CLE also promoted KDE2.1 for the CLE 1.0 editions, might download to$$LE/atayal/i386/

KDE 2.1 is one very huge formula, is restricted in the length, which new changes will receive puts with emphasis in KDE 2.1 has and some basic characteristics, we first from will install the KDE 2.1 starts.


In installs before KDE 2.1, must first install certain software set of. Most more importantly QT, it is the KDE graph letter type storehouse. KDE 2.1 needs to coordinate QT 2.2.3 or a higher edition (the present QT 2.4 editions is developing). Majority newest Linux set of when installment all should be able to install these software set of, if you do not have QT 2.2.3 above the edition, may download the newest QT edition to In addition, X Windows edition suggestion is XFree86 above 3.3.6.

At the beginning of this month in, (2001), you have March been allowed to shoot the railroad platform in various mirrors download KDE 2.1 RPM and DEB installment set of. (Mandrakesoft Corporation in March 20th already they company’s KDE 2.1 RPM set of Canada to MandrakeUpdate program). The KDE FTP railroad platform may download KDE 2.1 RPM and DEB set of, you may choose the Linux edition to which you wants to download. Please first completely downloads RPM all KDE 2.1 related wraps.

If you wanted the former one edition to promote KDE, after root status 登入 console, cut to you downloads KDE 2.1 RPM file the table of contents, then under instruction:

# rpm Uvh *.rpm
If before has not installed any KDE related wrap, you may under below the instruction:

# rpm I *.rpm

KDE 2.0 to 2.1: Change and improvement part

KDE 2.1 and 2.0 biggest changes lie in Konqueror rendering Engine as well as the multimedia broadcast formula change into Moatun from Kaiman. Kmail also has many improvements, includes 邮件清单 center aware folder, enables you to be allowed to establish PGP the GUI tool, moreover also has may aim at the mail subject does the news filters. However, this edition Kmail still not supported IMAP, will join in the future edition.

Pixie is the graph editor which in the KDE 2.1 editions newly joins, although is unable to compare favorably with GIMP, but will say the future again many one good cartography software regarding Linux.

KOffice by no means the edition which 释 new goods come into the market along with 2.1 editions, but then can promote new Koffice in the next KDE edition 2.1. Konqueror allows some new I/O input way like audiocd:/, smb:/, lan:/ to glance over CDDB CD, the Windows network fragrant neighbour and the NFS share and so on. Kicker (KDE Panel) allows like the Windows work row equally to be allowed to be connected the application formula small graphical representation straight takes over the use of the way which the mouse tows joins to Panel in. In addition, newest QT 2.3 supports (function which widget set and Anti-aliased side firefly curtain glyph denticle eliminates), and increased to True the Type typeface series printing support. The Anti-aliasing typeface can let demonstrate typeface and series printing typeface smoothly demonstrates each letter edge. Is only a pity QT 2.3 are the talents promotes in KDE 2.1 publications latter several. Detailed KDE 2.0 and 2.1 comparisons may refer:

The Konqueror 2.1 files main pipes, the browser and also has many…

First we first introduce Konqueror. Konqueror similar multipurpose Microsoft Internet Explorer, but, Konqueror which is different with MSIE certainly does not have certainly to have only then to be able to carry out in KDE2.1, but said regarding the Windows user, it indeed provides with the MSIE many similar functions.

In this machine above, you may treat as Konqueror are the file main pipe perhaps the browser process the daily computer management like 搬移 file or the change file jurisdiction. At the same time Konqueror also enables you to be allowed to glance over in the region network other file system like Windows 98 networks fragrant neighbours. If installed Samba Client moreover also has the Samba share in yours region network, you were allowed extremely easy the file which glanced over them shares.

Besides in this machine and the region network browsing function, Konqueror also expands its Internet the function, it conforms to the W3C entire function standard, simultaneously also may treat as GUI the FTP user lies between the surface, may see from under chart A penetrates homepage which Konqueror glances over.

The KDE 2.1 tabletop are unusual succinctly lie between the surface

The KDE tabletop environment lets the user use unusual simple is practical, saves many precious time. It contained on the many tabletop, Panel shortcut as well as system application formula set and so on. One KDE 2.1 characteristics then are may demonstrate HTML, the graph and the writing files on the KDE tabletop, moreover KDE also may contain the document files content or the graph file small graphical representation on the tabletop, why enables you to be allowed to distinguish this file the content, like chart B shows.

Kontrol Kde control center

The KDE2 control center (Kontrol) is one succinct and the content rich one KDE hypothesis formula. Kontrol by the social stratum -like demonstration way (like chart C), uses Icon expresses the different KDE type hypothesis. From the hypothesis scenery subject to the sound change, nearly and east Burma may penetrate Kontrol completes the hypothesis. Moreover Legacy Theme Importer may let you change KDE the scenery subject, includes KDE1.0 and 2.0 scenery subject, simultaneously also joins the GNOME scenery subject the support.

Noautn multimedia broadcast formula

In the KDE 2.0 center main media broadcasts formula is Kaiman. Kaiman in fact only is the transition product, in the KDE plan the true multimedia broadcast formula is Noatun. The author thinks Kaiman lies between the surface design comparatively does not attract the person, perhaps it uses GQmpeg (the GNOME media broadcast formula) outward appearance, but the Noautn appearance, changed me to the Kaiman impression.

You may penetrate Kontrol establish let mp3, MPEG and Ogg the Vorbis of the same kind file open by Noautn. Another good characteristic Noautn also may like other application formulas equally places in KDE system tray. Noautn simultaneously supports all kinds of skin plug-in 模组, the program browsing and sound effect plug-in (for example Extra Stereo). Regarding the KDE user said the now had one good media broadcast formula

aRts Kde Sound Daemon

Regarding likes the person which plays the game in Linux, majority of stems from the commercial game all has supports ESD (enlightened sound daemon), these greatly many uses in Gnome and Enlightenment tabletop environment. KDE continuously will arrive KDE 2 later only then supports similar ESD the sound effect synthesizer. KDE 2 aRts similar ESD, all allows you to do the function which the mix music flows, such meritorious prefers to let your sound effect card be possible to make the many kinds of sound in the identical time. For example when you is listening MP3 time, also may simultaneously send out ICQ the news sound. All KDE the 2.x application formula all needs to use aRts makes the sound, this also expresses some is using some non- KDE application formula is possibly unable simultaneously to make the sound.

Under Kdevelop Kde C++ entire suitable development environment

Kdevelop is the author uses one easiest seat of honor graph development kit (Linux Center to have regarding Kdevelop does in use introduction, may refer this technical document), its use lies between the surface very is similar with Visaul C++. Kdevelop has promoted very for a long time, the newest edition 1.4 made the large scale change. Before we mention QT widget set, is one similar MFC, it may be fast transforms the MFC formula QT. One Kdevelop characteristic then is QT Designer, it is one graph lies between the surface uses for to lay aside the graph part and the different mark in one table list. Moreover one characteristic then is before us raises has been to, Kdevelop provided extremely good on-line the user’s manual (like chart F), let you use Kdevelop designs the formula is can be faster.

Pixie Kde  formula / graph editor

Pixie (like chart G shows), may use for to glance over or to edit all kinds of graph. Includes JPG, GIF and PNG and so on. It contains one extremely simple lies between the surface enables you to be allowed to open the chart files and the chart files young graphical representation (a little similar ACDSee). Pixie may do Rotating, cropping, solarizing, the sharpening effect to the graph. Although it is the good editor, you cannot do one new chart files using Pixie, only can edit the existing chart files. Pixie is one new software, how therefore we could have a look regarding the future it to be able to develop, perhaps will be able to send the display and the GIMP same stick cartography software.


KDE continuously is author’s Linux tabletop best choice. It succinct lies between the surface and the familiar graphical representation and the kneading board lets the author first time uses when Linux be able the very easy seat of honor. Since it is the author first use lies between the surface, after the author always uses KDE does the tabletop environment which supposes in advance for the author. When KDE 2.0 promotes, the author is extremely profound regarding it and the 1.x series change impression. Now the author already promoted KDE to 2.1.1, what and as necessary will pay attention the KDE plan future can provide high quality goods archery target product. KDE without doubt is under the kind of Unix environment the best tabletop environment.


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