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Let go and let Google

Let go and let Google

Well it has been a while since I have a made a blog post but I thought this would be a good one. NOTE: This is a very Pro Google post. If you don’t like Google, other Cloud Providers or your a Technophobe you can stop reading now.

Say OK to Google

Ok Google

Ok Google

Google services for those who have not used them, are very impressive. I can’t think of a day going by without saying “Ok Google” into my phone to look up some pertinent information. A lot of people worry about Google having too much of your information. I’m here to tell you even if you do not Google every service has information on you and that is OK. (see what I did there)

Here is an example of how great Google can be. I recently had to take a family member to the airport. They emailed me the itinerary/e-ticket info.

Upon receiving this email GMail immediately added the event to my Calendar. The day before the flight Google Now started showing me weather in the destination city and was ready to guide to a location using Google Maps.

Google Now Weather

This is just some of the power of Google. By not not using Google or even other Cloud Providers (Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc..) you don’t truly get the value out of your device. Your phone should make your life easier so let it help you get things done.

Google Photos

Google Photos

If you aren’t using Google Photos you should give it try. The latest version of Google Photos can categorize all your picture without any effort on your part. Want to remember a car you took a picture of ? Just go to your Photos and search for Car. No need to tag a picture with Google’s advanced deep learning. It knows what is in your pictures. It knows how to find things you might not realize you forgot. It also can see every face in every picture you have taken. Now you might wonder why you would want a feature like this. The biggest event in my life so far has been my wedding. Now I don’t know how most weddings go but a lot of people showed up I have not seen in a long time and it is hard to get time to see everyone while you are, you know, getting married.

With Google Photos I can easily select face and it will show me every picture of that person I have uploaded (NOTE: I have all my wedding photos from the photographer uploaded to Photos)

Now on Tap

Now on Tap Google

One of the newest features for Android is Now on Tap. I recently have just started using this on my Nexus 9. This is a great feature you can use anywhere to get context information on what your looking at. Example I got an email about an upcoming UFC match that involves Benson Henderson. By holding down the Home button I Google has now read the screen and determined I would like information about “Benson Henderson“. Such as news links, info about his matches, his Twitter, Facebook etc… This works in emails, web and various apps. Apple (Proactive) and Microsoft have this feature as well.

Google Now Proactive

The Future of Payments: Android Pay

Modern phones have access to new and exciting payment options. With Google’s Android Pay I can quickly go into say Panera Bread and quickly pay for my meal without getting out my credit card. Apple Pay can even even do this from the Apple Watch. This is a great way to pay in a very secure method. In the U.S. we recently passed the deadline for Chip & Pin Payments. People need to get on board with this safer way of paying and catch up with the rest of the world. (I’m looking at you Europe)


In Conclusion

Now you might be thinking you have to hand over a lot of information to these companies to get these features. Though this is true the trade-off is well worth it. I can see so many people now who say they don’t want to use Google because they track them. Let me tell you something most people worried about being tracked have little to fear (and usually nothing of significance that needs). These are the same people who walk into Home Depot and Target (who have an awful track record or letting anyone steal your data out of security laziness). These are the same people who shop on Amazon, well guess what Amazon probably knows more about you than Google when it comes to your shopping habits. Afraid of Google Maps, but you shopped on Amazon, don’t worry they know your location and a lot more info (see chart below)

In closing I’m happy with Google Services and that’s not to say other services are not as good. This is just a very Pro Google Blog Post. So let go and Google into your workflow. Start getting loud and jump in the cloud.(yeah I know that one sounded bad to me as well) If your going to pay so much for a phone/data plan why not get the value of it.

I did not discuss Google Drive or its competitors here as feel people are already familiar with the file storage services.

I also wrote this blog post while drinking a lot of Xyience: Xenergy Cherry Lime. Not getting paid to plug them I just really like it. Might write an article on Android or Chrome OS next.

Who is tracking you

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Moving from Amazon Cloud Player to Google Music

Today I thought I would try transfering the songs I have on Amazon over to Google Music. The main reason I am doing this is I ordered the new Google Nexus 7 Tablet and want to give the Google Music player a good try on its home platform.

To get all your music from Amazon, log into the Amazon Cloud Player, select the songs you want and then click Download.

amazon cloud player download

amazon cloud player download

The Amazon MP3 Downloader (install from here) will start up and begin to download your music. If your on Windows, the music will automatically get added to Windows Media Player.

Then head over to Google Music which will give you the option of uploading file by file or installing their Google Music Manager (also available for Mac and Linux), which can be setup to automatically move files from a folder or Windows Media Player to the Cloud.

Google Music Manager

Google Music Manager

Note the song being transfered above is from a game called Bastion. It is available on the Google Chrome Web Store, PC, Xbox 360 and the Mac App Store.

Well there you have it, if you have any issues transferring your music or links to moving music from another cloud service post in the comment. NOTE: Moving music to Google Cloud will take longer to upload because the music will have to be matched and categorized similar to iTunes match.

YouTube Video for Bastion: If you have not played this game try it out.

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We have lift off. Open Black Belt in the Amazon App Store

Well it took a long time but Open Black Belt is finally in the Amazon App Store. You check it out here.

Note the App only shows up in the regular Amazon App Store and currently does not show up on the Kindle Fire , waiting on secondary approval process.

If you have not seen the App or seen the website here is a link to it.

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Journey to the Amazon, Store not Jungle (Part 2: Amazon App Store)

Today I’d like to talk about the Amazon App Store for Android.

Though the Amazon’s App Store may not have as many Android apps as Google’s own Market, its selection of apps is very good and well tested( no malware ) Another advantage I see of having Amazons App Store is the ability to load it on other non Google certified hardware such as tablets from Vizio, Velocity Micro etc….

Of course the best bonus is the FREE app of the day which is prominently displayed at the top of the App Store, which encourages users to come back daily to see what free apps they can pick up, as well as see discounts on other popular programs.

I still patiently wait for my Amazon Kindle Fire to arrive next month. Leave some comments.

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Journey to the Amazon Store (Part 1 Android Submission)

I’ve been working a shortcut app to go a mobile site.

As such I have been attempting to submit it to the Amazon store. The process had been a little tricky getting the images correctly but I think this time it might actually pass. A minimum of 3 screen shots is required as well as a 114×114 icon and a 512×512.

The mobile app currently exists on the Android Marketplace as well as App Brain, but check it out on Amazon when they get around to approving it.

My next posting will be about Amazons Cloud Player and Store


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Facebook Quick Share passes 1000 users

What a great milestone this we have finally surpassed 1000 users.

Whats next for Quick Share ? Checkin feature, other social services, FireFox Addon. Let me know what you think should be next and check out my other plugins.

Thanks to everyone who’s tried this extension and of course thanks to Google. 🙂

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